Military Home Buyers and Military Home Sellers

Are you stationed at Malmstrom AFB or PCSing in?

We feel the process of helping a military buyer/seller accomplish their goals starts with the purchase they make here in Great Falls. We strive to make sure they pick a home that meets their budget, needs, and provides opportunity to sell in the future if necessary.  We typically see that rent is higher per month in Great Falls than purchasing however but we do need enough time so that the buyer has enough equity to sell in the future. We can discuss all of this with you and help you make the best decision.

Military Home Buyers – We are Relocation Experts!

We have the experience and knowledge to advocate and usher a military buyer (and potentially their dependents) through a smooth transaction. We have certified agents in military relocation that understand that military personnel have very specific needs including frequent  or sudden transitions and how to help handle those most effectively. We strive to find the right home for a military buyer that could have an easier re-sale and appeal to other buyers if there is a need to sell the home in a few years. Our goal is minimize the hardships associated with relocating to a new community and welcome them in, while firmly advocating for them using forward thinking insight in anticipation of their future. Not able to make a buying trip? We are experts in offering live tours using electronic resources to help understand what they home feels like in person. The entire can be handled remotely if necessary.

Selling your Great Falls home to PCS?

Time to sell your home and PCS to another duty station?  Reach out to one of our professionals who understands the frequent transitions that military personnel go through when moving from one place to another. We are well versed in working with remote clients and help the purchase be completed without ever stepping foot here in Great Falls if necessary. We will even do live walk tours using electronic resources to help buyers view your home while they are trying to make a purchase here in Great Falls. 

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